The ASOY Sports and Athletics Program provides opportunities for all students to participate in a range of physical activities. Our co-curricular program is an important part of the way we teach habits of engagement. The many activities we provide students offer not only an important change of pace and break from the structure of the academic day but also opportunities for leadership, teamwork, competition and physical expression. While soccer and basketball tend to be the most popular sports, ASOY also has seasons for volleyball, badminton, swimming, and other sports.

Intramurals activities are offered throughout the year for all middle school and high school students.  Participants do not try out for teams and all who choose to participate play in every game.  Middle and High School students interested in a greater degree of competition can try out for one of the school’s varsity or junior varsity teams which practice twice weekly and enjoy frequent “friendly”  matches against other schools in Yaounde or Douala.

ASOY also participates in “Harambe” sporting events; these activities are planned for elementary students by representatives from various Yaounde schools and schools take turns hosting Saturdya events in which ASOY elementary students participate.

The Athletic Director organizes and oversees all athletic and intramural activities.  Working closely with the Recreation Center Manager, many school and community events are planned each year.