Visual Arts, Music, and Design

Visual Arts, Music, and Design Philosophy
At ASOY the arts program allows students to function as artists as well as learners of the arts. Artists have to be curious. By developing curiosity about themselves, others and the world, students become effective learners, inquirers and creative problem-solvers.
ASOY’S balanced and sequential art education program fosters students’ creative resiliency. Students create, perform and present arts in ways that engage and convey feelings, experiences and ideas. Through this practice, students acquire new skills and master those developed in prior learning.

Visual Arts, Music, and Design Belief Statements
With schedule performances, art displays and informal presentations student are exposed to how the public display of creativity is an important process to being a well-rounded artist.

The aims of these artistic programs are to encourage and enable students to:

  • Create and present various creative ideas
  • Develop skills specific to the discipline
  • Engage in a process of creative exploration and (self-) discovery
  • Make purposeful connections between investigation and practice
  • Understand the relationship between art and its contexts
  • Respond to and reflect on all art types
  • Deepen their understanding of the world

Visual Arts, Music, and Design Program Objectives
Development in the arts is a dynamic process, and not necessarily linear. Students move freely through a creative process towards a deeper understanding of the arts. The process of creating works of art, as well as the product, demonstrates what students have experienced, learned and attempted to convey.
This develop of the product and the demonstrations are the corner stone in how students are assessed and then better develop their skills as creators. The arts program at ASOY strives to stimulate young imaginations, challenge perceptions, and develop creative and analytical skills. The course encourages students to understand the context and cultural histories of artworks, supporting the development of an inquiring and empathetic world-view. Arts challenge and enrich personal identity and build awareness of the aesthetic in a real-world context.

  • Inquiry in arts by stating and prioritizing the main points the creative process and product
  • Developing a conceptual understanding of how a product was developed and refined.
  • Demonstrate excellent or developing technical skills within the creative product.
  • Outline and document the impact of the performance/product within the intended audience.

Visual Arts, Music, and Design Course Descriptions

Music Grades 6 – 8 Year 1 – 3
This music course will explore personal and cultural expression through, learning, creating and performing music on the piano and guitars. Students will demonstrate awareness of the art form studied, identify connections between art forms, as well as the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art. Through this form of expression students will work together as they focus on solo and ensemble playing, music theory skills – scales and chord structure in particular – and improvisation. Students will also keep process journals to record their musical ideas, reflect upon their practice, and react to existing, emerging, and world music.

Visual Arts Grades 6 – 8
This course explores the concept of ‘Me and the World, through Visual Culture,’ within the mediums of digital photography and stencils. Students will better define and understand their own sense of MYP concept of identity and how this is expressed.

During this course students will demonstrate their development of artistic intention and exploration of processes. The expression of student originated alternatives; exploration of perspectives and experimentation with ideas in innovative ways will be key. The student will demonstrate curiosity and an ability to take informed risks. This is documented in their process journal.

Design Grades 6 – 8
This course will focus on the how the concept of brand or corporate identity is developed. Through the study and creation of a person portfolio website, students will have a chance to curate their online identity and practice the techniques corporations and governments use. They will explore how to capture an audience or markets that are in constant evolution and their trends merge into society, generating scientific and technical innovation that explore how humans adapt digital environments to their needs.

Music Grades 9 – 10
This music course will explore identities and relationships through research and analysis of popular music and its theory, methods and practice. Because students can learn best when truly connected with the material they are learning, the genre of popular music is one such point of connection. The art form and artists studied will be used as a gateway to substantive and meaningful exploration of music and performance along with a wide range of interdisciplinary topics in Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Humanities. Students will also keep process journals to respond to the music we engage with and record their musical ideas. It is not simply about listening to and enjoying music, but about empowering us to become more critical listeners, thinkers, writers and performers.

Visual Arts Grades 9 – 10
For this course, students will demonstrate learned skills at sketching and planning a story to then complete a stop motion animation using a DSLR camera and editing software. Each student will be tasked to: recognize the artistic intention within these characteristics of storyboard illustration/design characters/ build and paint the background /setting.

Design Grades 9 – 10
This course will allow students to research and develop a movie which highlights a human rights issues that is current and needs to be told. Students will look into how communities are responsible for developing varied resources that function as means for promoting fairness and development that address social issues.

By create a movie/video that inspires others and/or brings awareness to make a change regarding local or global issues. Explore human rights issues. Include an interview, sound, and music).