Learning Support Program

ASOY embraces diversity of all kinds and, because we believe all children capable of learning, strives to serve students with learning needs. The school maintains a Learning Support Program to support students with learning and/or other difficulties and, within the scope of our available resources, aims to be an inclusive school.  The aim of the program is to maximize student achievement, potential, and compensatory skills.  We believe in an integrated inclusive approach for children with individual needs, including: differentiation and modification of the curriculum, outcomes, teaching/learning strategies and practices and evaluation procedures.

In this integrated, inclusive approach the teaching and learning strategies are designed to produce optimum outcomes for the students in a regular school setting. The need for learning enhancement may be temporary or long term and may arise at any stage during the student’s education. All efforts will be made to identify strengths and weaknesses at the earliest possible age so that intervention procedures can be implemented in order to provide the student with the greatest possible chance to succeed. To this end, the students’ progress is monitored and assessed regularly and communicated to parents and staff.

Depending on student learning needs, available services include the implementation of accommodations in the regular classroom, the provision of co-teaching within the regular classroom, and/or the provision of 1-2 class periods of individual or small group learning support instruction per day. Learning support services are supplemental to the regular instructional program and are, therefore, offered for an additional fee (see the current Tuition and Fee Schedule).

 Students with acute learning and/or other difficulties will be considered for admission on an individual basis. 

The admission of students with learning and/or other difficulties is based on previous school records and grade reports, testing and evaluation reports, parental input, and the appropriateness of the school program for meeting student needs. The director, in collaboration with the Student Support Team (SST) and the counselor, maintain discretionary authority for the admission of students with learning and/or other difficulties, based on the extent to which the school program can meet student needs within available resources.