While we realize that there is a staggering amount of new technology being developed each year around the world, we have developed a multi-year technology initiative that has revolved around one important question: “What are the effects of technology on student learning?”

At ASOY our goal is to ensure that student have the technological means to assist in the achievement of high academic success and the technology tools to enhance and demonstrate their critical thinking skills.  We believe the use of learning technologies should enable and promote responsible and compassionate global citizens ready for the 21st Century and who are well educated in the ethical issues  surrounding technology today.   We expect our students to demonstrate knowledge and skills in technology and the ability to adapt to change.

Despite the challenges of connectivity that can sometimes exist in this region, ASOY aims to be a leading institution in the responsible and productive use of technology that enhances the learning environment.  To that end, ASOY has invested in an innovative and well-designed technology infrastructure which supports our school’s mission, vision, and values.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at ASOY

ASOY is equipped with a full array of computers, software and internet service that is freely available to all students. Students have the option of bringing their own technology to school and connecting to the school’s network, or purchasing a basic machine through the school store.  All ASOY students in Middle and High School are expected to have a laptop. Regardless of whether a student provides their own device or purchases one through the school – in order to promote responsible digital citizenship and use of information technology (IT) – students are expected to adhere to the following rules and guidelines.  These obligations are also spelled out in the Network Use Agreement that each student and his/her parent or guardian must sign in order to connect to the network and internet at school.