Integrated Sciences Philosophy
The ASOY Science Standards are designed to help students develop an understanding of the unity and diversity of the natural world. The goal is for students to become scientifically literate and ethical contributors in a global society. The ASOY Science Standards are designed to challenge students to engage intelligently in public discourse on matters of scientific and technological concern. Students will balance content by using hands-on inquiry-based discovery with appropriate integration of technology and writing. Importantly, the ASOY Science Standards are intended to prepare students to draw on appropriate scientific processes and principles in making personal decisions. Therefore, students are given the opportunity to develop skills such as formulating questions and predictions, designing experiments, and making measurements and observations to solve problems.

Integrated Sciences Belief Statement
We believe students learn Science best when they

      • Integrate their learning with other subject areas.
      • Make science relevant to their own lives by applying scientific principles to their world.
      • Engage in hands-on activities that reinforce scientific principles.
      • Use appropriate technology to facilitate the learning process.
      • Synthesize new ideas and processes by drawing together information from various sources.
      • Communicate their knowledge effectively to others through writing and speaking,
      • Are given the opportunity to learn in different ways, including whole group instruction, small group collaborations, independent inquiry, and hands-on experiences.
      • Use their knowledge of science to improve the lives of all humans and to care for the Earth and its environments.
      • Are aware of the changing nature of science through the study of history and current events.
      • Are held accountable through varied and differentiated assessment for the knowledge and skills they have gained.

Integrated Sciences Program Objectives and Goals
The goal of the Science Diploma Program at the American School of Yaounde is to assist each student in the development of his or her ability in the following areas:

      • Develop and test hypotheses by designing controlled experiments and investigations.
      • Problem solve using the skills of a scientist
      • Use technology as a tool to further understand scientific concepts and ideas.
      • Have the ability to understand, present, calculate, discuss, and critically evaluate scientific information using appropriate vocabulary, tables, graphs, and models.
      • Be able to articulate ideas about the moral, ethical, social, economic, and environmental implications of using science and technology.
      • Acquire an understanding of how the world around them works from having a body of knowledge of the concepts of Earth, Life and Physical Sciences.
      • Understand how scientific theories develop, and how theories and discoveries have shaped and changed societies.
      • Use the skills of scientists such as observing, analyzing, inferring, reporting, measuring, and experimenting to appreciate the value of scientific inquiry.

      Integrated Sciences Course Descriptions

      Grade 9 – Integrated Science I
      Integrated Science 1 is the first of a two-year program that provides students with the opportunities to investigate the theories and ideas associated with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science. Using scientific inquiry, students will be guided to make observations on foundational concepts in each of the sciences, formulate thought-provoking questions and make predictions, carry out experiments, analyze and interpret experimental data and draw conclusions that can be communicated. Students are enabled to develop a way of thinking and a set of skills and processes that, while allowing them to acquire knowledge and understanding, equips them with the capabilities to tackle with confidence advanced studies in the IB Sciences.

      Grade 10 – Integrated Science II
      This course completes the integrated Science syllabus and prepares students for advanced studies in the IB Sciences. Students build upon the foundational concepts from Integrated Science I with greater emphasis on real life application and further development of laboratory skills.  Students will be able to construct knowledge and understandings of concepts in life science, physical science, Earth and Space science, and apply these understandings to interpret, integrate, and communicate scientific ideas and results in a coherent manner to the mutual benefit of self, society and the environment.