There’s nothing elementary about our Grade 1 through 5 curriculum! Elementary is just the name for the division spanning those five grades.  During those critically important years, students begin to develop a wider awareness of the world around them, thus expanding their social conscience and ability to think abstractly. Our Elementary School program encourages children to explore their world, to think critically, to welcome opportunities to take risks, and to strive for continuous growth. Our goal is to help children become resilient life-long learners.

The Elementary Program provides students with a strong foundation in language arts, math, science, social studies, French, the arts, library, physical education, and health. Information technology and digital citizenship are integrated into the core curriculum.

Drawing on the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) framework, the ASOY Elementary School promotes the development of highly engaged learners by creating a culturally enriched curriculum and an environment that supports individual growth. In addition to a rigorous academic experience characterized by inquiry and independent learning, ASOY also provides opportunities for the development of international-mindedness and positive values – such as caring and respect – by focusing on the IB Learner Profile.