At ASOY, our emphasis on inquiry and independent learning allows our students to discover the joy and wonder in learning.

Devoted to excellence in the classroom, ASOY provides a broad curriculum based on the US AERO/Common Core Plus and the International Baccalaureate frameworks. We believe those curricula offer ample opportunities for character education and life skills development. While ASOY embraces American-style and progressive pedagogies, we are mindful of both the richness of both of our host-country and community demographics’ ability to provide a rich and stimulating learning environment.

Blessed with small classes, our students have the opportunity to practice the skills of attentiveness and listening, of respectful discussion and inquiry, and inquisitiveness and curiosity. Our students will be expected to ask questions and to share their views with their classmates, because we know that this is a much more exciting and effective way for young people to learn. This is not only the best possible kind of preparation we can provide them for university, but one that will also transform their relationship to the world.