Welcome to the American School of Yaounde

Founded in 1964, ASOY serves the community in Yaounde, Cameroon through example and service as a beacon of educational excellence.  ASOY is a mission driven learning community that strives to engage all students in achieving academic success, in the development of critical thinking skills, and in becoming responsible and compassionate global citizens.

We are an intentionally diverse community coming from a truly global parentage. Our 200+ students, Pre-K through Grade 12, come from over 42 different nationalities and our teachers come from the United States, Canada, Australia, France, and Cameroon.

We embrace innovative pedagogies and aim to provide a stimulating learning environment in keeping with the International Baccalaureate’s approaches to teaching and learning.  ASOY is committed to excellence in the classroom by providing a broad curriculum based on the AERO/Common Core Plus framework, and by planning ample opportunities for character education and life skills development.

Philosophically we believe in using constructivist and student-centered teaching approaches, and fostering deep, conceptual understanding. Our talented faculty encourage creative and critical thinking, provide rich feedback to enhance learning, and thoughtfully integrate learning  technologies.